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Next Generation Meteor Camera Systems

If you have an interest in meteors, fireballs or meteorites you’ve landed on the right place!

Over a period of almost 10 years, we have created an integrated hardware, software and network system specifically designed for capturing scientific observations of fireballs and meteors. Our systems are built with low cost computers, HD Low Light Sony Starvis (starlight) IP cameras and custom designed and manufactured PCB boards, wires and housing. Our software have been written from the ground up and utilizes Linux, OpenCV, FFMpeg, Python and other open source software, to make a fireball tracking system that is...


Our integrated systems have been built with several goals in mind:

  1. Reduce the cost and barriers of entry associated with obtaining and operating meteor cameras
  2. Collect scientifically calibrated observations of meteors in high resolution with high frames per second
  3. Link all systems together with a central network to enable automatic sharing and solving of observational data
  4. Enhance the American Meteor Society and the International Meteor Organization fireball catalog with hard astrometric, and photometric data that results in precise trajectory, velocity, size and orbital estimates for fireball meteor events
  5. Utilize inexpensive hardware and open source software to encourage adoption and develop the world’s largest citizen scientist and professional operated fireball camera network
An example of our AllSky7 device mounted on a alumium pole.

Available Configurations

Our systems are designed for both amateurs and professionals and are available in the following configurations:

More Models are coming soon!

AllSky Seriefor professionals and advanced amateurs

Design for people who have a good 360° view of the sky.

Our AllSky7, contains 7 Part Sky Cameras put together into a single outdoor climate controlled weather proof housing. The AllSky7 system includes a Qotom Mini Computer Q190S with Celeron j1900 Processor Quad core (2.0 GHz, 8GB RAM 64GB SSD WIFI, Dual NIC Mini PC with Serial Port), Power Supply, Network Hubs and RJ45 network and POE ports for powering the camera module. 7 cameras and the Mini Computer linked together will provide 360 degree high resolution sky coverage.

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Government agencies, universities and regional clubs are encouraged to contact us about customized solutions designed to meet the goals of your organization.

Contact us to see if AllSkyCams.com can deliver a Computer Vision hardware and software solution that meets your needs.